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Archive for: Replica Props

PAX Exclusive Chuckles Mask

18 Oct 2018 / in

A mask of flesh and bones with a horrible twisted grin.

Evan’s Mask

27 Sep 2018 / in

A twisted, soulless mask hides the bearer’s face. What became of the man behind the mask?

Custom Trapper Visor

22 Sep 2018 / in

A heavy-duty metallic visor crafted to protect the wearer’s eyes from bright lights and blood.

Wraith’s Wailing Bell

22 Sep 2018 / in

A heavy cast iron bell imbued with ancient powers. Allows its user to enter and walk the spirit world when rung.

The Huntress Lunar Hound Mask

30 Apr 2018 / in

“Hush little one. She bares her teeth, but she won’t bite… unless you make her.”

The Huntress Hare Mask

30 Apr 2018 / in

“Don’t be afraid child. The gentle Hare will take good care of you.” I was commissioned by Behaviour Interactive to make 5 of these masks. They were given away as prizes in celebration of their  Two year Anniversary for Dead By Daylight.

Azarov’s Axe

Azarov’s Skull - Wraith's Axe
07 Feb 2017 / in

“The teeth of death lie on Azarov’s skull and spine.”

NCR Veteran Ranger Helmet

07 Oct 2014 / in

Fallout New Vegas